Why the name “My fresh avocado”?

Since I was little always in my house (Guatemala) we have consumed avocado. My grandparents had a farm where the avocado was grown, so this food could not be missing in our lunches.

Latin America is one of the main avocado production and export regions. In recent years, we have observed the increase in demand at the international level.

The avocado is native from Mexico and Central America, and has been planted in other Latin American countries for tropical climates.

So the avocado in many countries of Latin America is part of the daily diet.

Currently living in Europe, it is very difficult for me to include the avocado in all my lunches or meals.

One of the reasons is the price. In the supermarket I find 1 avocado for 2 euros. When in Guatemala, I could have 4 avocados for the price of 2 euros.

Another reason is that it is difficult to find “ready to eat”.

So the name of this blog was created because my preference for avocado, as well as for fresh foods.

I hope you enjoy the content about food and nutrition.

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